Introduction to Using Money to Make Money

​ Introduction to investment and entrepreneurship.

The key to financial freedom- using money to make money. Investment. Entrepreneurship. Here are the paths you can set out on to take control of your financial future, and build the life you want. Check it out and stop worrying about bills. Start planning for your future. Here your ticket to a while new perspective. Take your seat, and let's get started.

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AROV Education
AROV Education

AROV Education was created as a means to help close economic disparities and create opportunities for all, regardless of educational background, social status or financial standing. We believe everyone has the right to learn how "money makes money" and shouldn't be excluded simply because they never had the opportunity or the exposure. Our motto is "Become Your Dreams" because we believe with the right strategy, perseverance and education, everyone can do just that.

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  Introduction to Financial and Investment Literacy
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